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6.12.2009 And They Are Off!


We are happy and relieved that the release of the Raven went smoothly earlier this week.


The first batch of orders have left the shop and are on their way to eager fans some of whom had been waiting almost 3 years!

Orders were filled in the order they were received.

If you ordered but haven't recieved a message from the shipping company, you will shorlty.

It is good to have stock on the shelves after all these years of R&D and not have to explain why weren't selling.


It's off to the UberMoth now as we know some prefer it's smaller size and snappy performance. We'll publish the release date as soon as we have one.




6.3.2009 The Raven has landed!


Well that's about it!


All those waiting patiently can order their Raven on Monday June 8th 2009. The order buttons will be activated at 12:01 PM (that's in the afternoon!) and will be deactivated as soon as present supplies are depleted!


I guess we owe an apology to those who logged on these past few months and saw the same old pages with no update on what was going on.


Truthfully we've been too busy to worry about the website.

Designing and developing a new product is a daunting task.

Manufacturing and bringing it to the market is double that!

During the process, we had many successes and an equal number of failures. Forgive us for not having the intestinal fortitude to share the failures and moments of agony!


But that's all behind us and the Raven (and the UberMoth) has a solid manufacturing process in place that allows us to reduce the down time of not having kits for sale.

The current economics state of affairs will continue to trips us along the way. But hopefully we will be able to keep up with demand.


While on the subject of the UberMoth, for those who prefer the smaller bugger, there is good news. As soon as we can revamp our nosecone molds for the UberMoth, it will be available for sale.

The Raven and UberMoth share many parts and this means that we should be able to bring the UberMoth back this summer.


As you can see, we have dusted off the website to give it a fresher look. In the coming months, as we recieve them, we will be posting images of Ravens and UberMoths in our new image gallery.






9.14.2008 Has it Been a Year Already?!


Well its hard to believe a year has passed since our last progress report.

On the surface not much has happened with ostensibly no news to report on. Ah!!!….But the truth is something else altogether.

After enduring the pains of relocating the shop and integrating it with the North County Flying Machines operations last year, we had to spend a substantial amount of time rebuilding the stock and filling the shelves with kits before we could return to manufacturing the Uber-stuff.

Where we left off last year, our mission was to finish the R&D of the Uber60p (now renamed RAVEN) and to retool the UberMoth line.

The R&D was completed in July 2008 and work on production started in August. We have a complete line of parts that meet design specifications for both lines.

There is however good news and bad news to report on the production front.

The bad news is that none of the molds that we have produced to date are up to the quality standards we’ve established for our production runs.  This means we keep making molds and then promptly throw them away!

The good news is every new mold is an improvement on the old one and we think we are getting close to our quality goals!

Also newsworthy is our road trip to Soar Utah 2008 last week.  During the event, we were able to test fly the 60” version of the UberMoth in high lift conditions.

We’re happy to report that the model passed its flight (and crash) tests with flying colors and proved itself worthy.  The speed runs and high pumps were impressive and the crash test produced exactly the results that the design parameters had anticipated.

We have some tweaking to do to some of the parts and molds before we can send a few beta kits out to our testers.

Provided the results of the beta testing is positive, we will be ready to release the models for sale shortly thereafter.  Forgive us for not predicting a firm date as our previous estimates were nowhere near the realm of reality or possibility!

Per our standard operating procedure we do not have a priority list for our potential customers.  We do, however, like to give all who have enquire an email heads-up about a week before the release date.

If you like to receive such a notice, send an email to :





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