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The development of the Uber60p continues even as we pray to the Wind Gods for the right conditions to test the newest prototype.
We have decided to produce a new nose cone for this 60" version. This will help those of us who tend to build the wing a bit on the heavy side! An UberMoth NoseCone would work but it would limit the builder to lighter finishing techniques. The beefed up spar and joiner system should make this an excellent DS machine, and who wants to make a light DS machine?!!
To see a picture of the Uber60p prototype click here.

It was taken a month ago at Soar Utah 2006. We didn't get a chance to fly it, hence the dirt background!


The Order buttons for the UberMoth have been activated as of today. We are, However short on some items. This is due to the retooling of some of our old molds. Molds don't have an infinite life and need to be replaced by fresh ones once in a while.

We are hoping that the new ones will improve our production capabilities and increase output.



No sooner did we come back from our summer vacation when there was a run on our supplies!

We are temporarily out of UberMoth Bundles, UberMoth Fuse Kits and NCFM Wing Kits.

The UberMoth Fuse Kits will be in stock next week, but we can't promise the same for the NFCM Moth Wing Kits. They are on order from NCFM and we will post an availability date as soon as we get one from them.



Well, just like we said, we are at the mercy of the supply chain like any other business. As you might have heard, NCFM is out of stock on most of their planes and it stands to reason that we will be out of stock on the Moth Wing Kit too.

But wait!!!....What is this?!...4 sets of Moth wing Kits!

Somehow they were hiding in the shop somewhere and now are ready to ship. These are the last four, unitl we get new supplies from NCFM.


In our haste to get the UberMoths to a few very patient friends, some graphics were left off of the manuals. The situation will be remedied shortly . Those who got thw old manuals, can contact us and we'll send over the new manuals. Alternatively, you can download pdf copies here.



Today UberCraft is officially in business. However it will be a few weeks before we can offer our products. We need to stock up on some accessories and the web site and it's e-commerce side need further refinement.



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