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8.20.2007 The Latest . . . . . .


Try as we may, on any given project, it is not always easy to stay on schedule and meet all self-imposed deadlines.

The UberCraft website has been dormant for the past year due to events out of our control.......
Well I stand corrected......Not all of these past year's events were out of our control. But most did not happen at a time of our choosing. Such is life!

The three big events of this year, for us, were the devastating loss of our good friend Dave Kellogg, the design and development of the Uber60p, and the acquisition of North County Flying Machines.

As much as we've tried to respond to questions put to us via electronic mail, folks have begun to wonder if we have closed shop or lost interest in the projects.
The simple and short answer is: "No. We have never been as enthusiastic and excited about our work as we are today."

The work on producing parts for the 60" version of the UberMoth goes on and the redesign of certain components of the UberMoth is almost complete.

As those who already own an UberMoth already know, some components of the fuselage are, by design, precision engineered and their production is quite an involved process. All of this work is performed in-house to keep costs down. We have tried, in the past, to farm out the work, but found, to our chagrin, that the parts would be cost prohibitive.

Once we embarked on the Uber60p project, a decision was made to improve the quality of the parts and that has necessitated quite an extensive retooling of existing molds and our injection molding process.

We also re-thought the product line with the customers in mind. The plan, as it stands today, is to produce the following:


1. The UberMoth......The 48" sloper with a one-piece wing.

2. The U60................ The 60" sloper with a one-piece wing.

3, The Uber60p........ The 60" sloper with a two-piece wing.


We would love to publish a release date for these models, but unfortunately we can't. The acquisition of North County Flying Machines has secured our supply chain, but at the same time it has given us more balls to juggle.

As this is meant to be a progress report of sorts, we will divulge the following: The new vacuum chamber is humming and the first parts to come out of the new molds look fantastic!


The goodies are on their way!





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