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Vacation Time Again!


As per usual, we will be taking off during September. We will be traveling to Australia to visit with our good friends at Manilla Slope Fest, and unfortunately for those who wish to order, there will be nobody here to pack the goodies!


So you have three weeks to fill out your wish list before we return on October 1st.

And yes, we do check our email even when we are away.

This means if you like, you can email your wish list to so we have an idea which items to set aside for you.


Happy Vacation to Us!




Back From Vacation !


Oops! I guess we forgot to tell you we were going away for a few weeks!


We spent most of September in Australia, attending Manilla Slope Fest in New South Wales. We flew planes from Mt. Borah. We talked to our customers about what they need and we spent a goodly amount of time around the campfire just laughing!


But now we are back. The shelves are well stocked and we'll have your order packed and ready to go as soon as possible.


So please move to the Order Page and get busy!




The Day is Finally Upon Us!


Well Almost!


The UberMoth will be available for sale at 12:01 pm on Tuesday January 11th , 2011 .


We have been promising the return of the UberMoth for a few years now. For various reasons we could not live up to our promise of bringing it back sooner and for that we apologize.


But now we are back in full production on the UberMoth and we hope to be able to keep the kits in stock despite material shortages and increased production costs that are endemic to the industry these days.


The UberMoth has changed a bit and all for the better!

We are now using all new materials for the rubber parts and the EPP wing cores are using a little stiffer. The wing is still a one-piece design, but the redesigned tail section makes removal and stowage of the fuselage much easier.

There are battery packs and BlackJack switches available on the order page as well as the Ballast Kit.


So get your UberMoth today and send us a picture or two when it's nice and shiny!


See you on the slopes




And They Are Back!


Promise as we may, we did not update this page for over a year and for that we apologize. I realize it's hard to figure out if a website is in business or not without updates. We had a few calls to that end and had to make excuses saying we've been too busy!


We were busy keeping products on the shelves and testing new ideas. And somehow I found time to take a few weeks off and travel downunder to attend the Manilla Slope Fest in Australia. It was a very relaxing, entertaining and educational trip. I made a bunch of new friends and learned all I could in my short time there. I used the occasion to showcase some of our products and demonstrate some of our build techniques. I have some images and video to post but I'm afraid they might have to wait as we are in the middle of a couple of critical deadlines.


We ran out of the Raven Kits a few weeks ago while I was away. We had to rush to produce parts and I'm glad to report they are back in stock and ready to ship.


The other deadline is the much delayed release of the UberMoth.

Its hard to explain why we've had so much trouble bringing back a product that's been so popular with fans. But I'l try!


The UberMoth was held back pending the realease of the Raven last year. We wanted to incorporate some of the new parts we had developed for the Raven. In doing so, some of the parts we produced were earmarked for the UberMoth. However we underestimated the demand for spare parts and thus the UberMoth parts were directed back to the Raven stock. Additionally we always intended to rework the Ubermoth NoseCone. Using the new material formulation meant we could change the shape a bit and so we did. As a result the new UberMoth NoseCone is easier to hold on launch and sturdier in a crash. A new balance weight was also needed and the new one is easier to install and makes the NoseCone removal a snap.


Alas the work is almost done and as soon as we can package the kits they will be released for sale. Those of you who have sent a message to will receive a message a few days ahead of time so you can sit behind the computer with your fingers on the order button! All kidding aside, I must tell you that the kits are limited in number and although we can now produce them faster than before, you never know when might have to take a breather!


Fly on



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