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The home of exceptional high performance slope racers!
We are proud to announce our latest product release
after 3 years of absence!

The UberMoth

Available Now!

The UberMoth is back . It has been updated with new parts and is now produced using advanced manufacturing processes.


If you have been waiting for this release, do not procrastinate, vacillate or hesitate as supplies are limited!


Check out the NEWS page and read more about it!

Visit the UberMoth page to learn more about its specifications.

To see the Release Announcement Message for the UberMoth Click HERE.


About UberCraft

This site is dedicated to the sport of Radio Controlled Slope Soaring with an emphasis on high performance slope racers.
UberCraft specializes in hybrid slope racers. Whether you are interested in competition or just whizzing by other gliders on your local slope, our racers will provide you with that familiar adrenalin rush.
We incorporate engineering excellence and manufacturing precision into all of our slope soarers. UberCraft kits feature laser cut and machined and parts, premium quality materials, complete hardware packages. The step-by-step instruction manuals and full size plans make accurate construction easy and fun.
UberCrafts’s soarers are world famous and sought for their outstanding design features and excellent flight characteristics.
Our goal is to provide you with information and products that will enhance your enjoyment of this wonderful sport.
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