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Can I build an UberMoth?
Yes you can. Just assemble a kit from the offerings on the PARTS page and have a go at it.  It does not require special equipment or knowledge. As a bonus you can customize it to your liking.
Can I retrofit a Moth and turn it into an UberMoth?
In most cases the answer is yes.  You must be able to fit the receiver, the battery and the switch into the wing. Consult the manuals to see if your wing can accomodate the UberFuse attachment system.
Can I retrofit another foamy sloper?
In most cases the answer is yes.  In addition to the considerations listed above, make sure you can balance the new ship with the UberFuse attached.  The UberNoseCone has limited room for balancing weight.  This room is adequate to house enough nose weight to balance a Moth wing. The same space may or may not be enough for other wing assemblies.
Can I use an UberFuse on several wings?
Yes. The UberFuse is removable without need for tools and can be fitted to any other wing that has the Stringer Sleeves installed.  You must however rebalance the ship every time you do this.
What is the fuselage made of?
The UberMoth fuselage is made of carbon, fiberglass and polyurethane rubber
How durable is the fuselage?
The UberMoth fuselage is extremely durable.  The main structure is carbon rod and fiberglass tube connected with composite connectors. A rubber nose cone covers the main structure in the front.  In case of a crash, the rubber nose absorbs most of the force of impact and imparts very little force to rest of the fuselage or the wing thereby protecting them from damage.
Is the fuselage indestructible?
No. But you have to work hard to destroy it! The carbon stringers are actually sized to break in very hard crashes.  They are engineered to fail and protect the wing from severe damage, much like the front crumple zone of a modern car protects the passengers.
Is it difficult to repair the UberFuse?
No.  The fuselage parts are pressure fit and there is no glue involved.  If you have the replacement parts with you, you can be back in the air in about 15 minutes! (provided the wing is in reasonably good shape!)
Where do I get replacement parts for the fuselage?
Most well stocked local hobby stores carry carbon fiber rods and tubes to replace the parts that can break.The molded part (nose cone and connectors), which rarely break, are available from UberCraft.
How is the fuselage attached to the wing?
The fuselage is pressure fit to the wing and no glue is involved. A small piece of electrical tape below the wing stiffens the connection.
Is the fuselage removable?
Yes!  The fuselage can be removed from the wing in a few seconds.
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