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What is the UberMoth?
The UberMoth is what you might call a hopped-up Moth with an after-market fuselage.
Why is there a need to improve the Moth?
In rigorous testing it was found that the Moth’s legendary performance can be enhanced with modifications that reduce the overall drag component. If such modifications could improve the durability and portability of the Moth the results might be attractive to the Moth's fans.
How does the UberMoth differ from the Moth?

The UberMoth uses the exact same wing assembly as the Moth.  The difference is in the fuselage,

Whereas the Moth has a carved foam fuselage, the UberMoth employs a composite fuselage.
The Moth houses the receiver, battery and nose weight in the foam fuselage. 
The UberMoth fuselage houses only the nose weight.  The receiver and battery are installed in the wing.

Why does one need an UberMoth ?

To go faster than a regular Moth and most other foamies on the slope.

Is the UberMoth for me?

Although it has evolved from the venerable Moth, the UberMoth feels quite different in flight.  It is faster and more agile.  These qualities make it desirable to more advanced flyers. Beginners,however, might find the UberMoth a bit intimidating at first.
Use the chart below to determine if you really need the UberMoth or should you start with a “stock” Moth:

Flying Condition
Moth UberMoth
Flying in Light to Medium Lift X X
Flying in Medium to Heavy Lift X X
Flying in Heavy Lift X XX
Training XX  
Racing X XX
Why isn’t the UberMoth available as a typical kit?

UberCraft is NOT the designer or manufacturer of the MothHarris Nelson is the designer of the Moth and North County Flying Machines is the manufacturer of the Moth kit. UberCraft has no control over the production, supply or availability of the NCFM “Moth Wing Replacement Kit”. Additionally it is our feeling that selling UberMoths in true kit form, would unduly obscure the roots of it’s design.  Reselling  “Moth Wing Replacement Kit”s as a NCFM product is the best way to ensure that due credit is given to the designer and producers of the Moth.

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